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Whatever your mission, the Caravan Amphibian will get the job done. The Cessna 208 Amphibian has been accomplishing life-saving missions, charter missions, passenger transport, and more in all corners of the world. Whether you're an outdoorsman, a charter pilot, a cargo hauler, a medic, a flight enthusiast, or something else entirely, the Caravan Amphibian is ready to load up and take off to wherever you need to go.

Seating Capacity 9 passengers
Maximum Takeoff Weight 3,792 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 3,792 kg
Maximum Cruise Speed 159 kts
Range 805 nm (1,491 km)


Cessna's 206 has long been known as one of the workhorses of general aviation. The airplane can squeeze itself in and out of tight strips with ease, swallow and carry a big load, is easy to maintain and operate.

Seating Capacity 4 passengers*
Maximum Takeoff Weight 1,721 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 3,721 kg
Maximum Cruise Speed 125 kts
Range 420 nm (778 km)